Do I need a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer or will any lawyer offer to take my case due?

The decision to file for bankruptcy requires careful analysis of your situation. You should file for bankruptcy only after determining that it is the best way to deal with your financial problems. There are a number of potential pitfalls and tricks in the new law, so it is very important to consult with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. If your case is filed wrong, it may be dismissed for not filing a required document and if you have to file a new case you may not be able to get the same protection from your creditors. A good bankruptcy attorney:

  • Is well-versed in the possible complications that might arise in what seems to be a simple and straightforward case;
  • Is aware of recent changes in the law and of court decisions in the local courts;
  • Can usually find ways of making a bankruptcy case more productive and effective than it would be if the debtor tried to handle it without an attorney, ultimately saving the debtor many hundreds or thousands of dollars more than the attorney’s fee.

Finally, having a good bankruptcy attorney can bring debtors the peace of mind that results from knowing their cases are being handled without the mistakes that they might make on their own